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How Investigative Journalism Is Thriving in This Social Media Age

We have at one time, or the other come across an investigative piece we found interesting because of the type of coverage. The role of journalism is to provide people with the much-needed information about several occurrences. Investigative journalism is one type of journalism which is very different from standard reporting in that it dwells deeper in a particular topic and is intended to bring out facts about a specific occurrence.

Journalists in this field of practice may spend much of their time and resources to gather the required information. They can take even years to piece up facts about a particular occurrence. One of the world’s renowned investigative journalists is Peter Greenberg who covered the deadly katmai sinking back in 2008. Most of these stories can be reported in different news bulletins or even relayed as documentaries.

You should, therefore, keep tabs with the latest investigative pieces. These journalists encounter a lot of challenges in their line of duty. Some go to the extent of endangering their lives by meeting upinterviewing with armed groups or exposing themselves to harsh environments to bring you the story. Times have changed, and the widespread use of social media has affected investigative journalism positively. The following are ways this type of journalism is thriving in this social media age.

Information Distribution

One way social media is playing a decisive role in investigative reporting is how information gets distributed very fast. There are millions of people who use social media from various parts of the world. Journalists can share their piece on the different social media platforms to reach a wider audience. A high number of people will get your information or can access it anytime which is entirely different from when one is using mainstream media.

Sourcing Information

You are also able to get the much-needed information that can be useful for your piece through social media. This is very simple because you can start up a conversation that will see many social media users participate and give share their experience, opinions, and views which can be vital for your story.


Investigative stories have to contain facts or complete proof of different incidences. Social media can help promote transparency in that different usersnewspaper can give a proper judgment about your piece to confirm whether it is true or you are just presenting something that is fabricated. You should make good use of social media to come up with the perfect story.