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Typical Symptoms Of Social Anxiety

Social anxiety (commonly known as social phobia) is a condition in which an individual has an unreasonable and excessive fear of social situations. Self-consciousness and anxiety (often, referred to as intense nervousness) usually arise from a fear that you are intimately judged, watched, or even being criticized by others.

Typical Symptoms Of Social Anxiety (1)

In most cases, a person with above condition will be afraid that he or she will look bad, make unreasonable mistakes, and be humiliated or embarrassed right in front of others. Indeed, this kind of fear might be made even worse if the person experiencing it does not have knowledge, experience, and skills in social situations.

Because of fear, people with social anxiety condition risk suffering from distorted thinking, negative opinions of others, and false beliefs about social situations. Inherently, if the above condition goes untreated in the long run, it will negatively interfere with the individual’s routine, including social activities, work, school, and even relationships. Nevertheless, how can you tell that a person is suffering from social anxiety?

Common symptoms of social anxiety condition

Typical Symptoms Of Social Anxiety (2)Just because you occasionally experience anxiety in social and performance situations does not necessarily mean you have social phobia or social anxiety. Indeed, many people feel self-conscious or shy on such occasions, yet it does not get in the way of their routine functioning. However, if you have most of the below symptoms, then
you need to consider seeking remedies for social anxiety. Typically, symptoms of social anxiety are as follows:

#1. Physical symptoms of social anxiety condition

• Shortness of breath

• Feeling faint or dizzy

• Tightness in the chest

• Racing heart

• Red or embarrassed face

• Shaking or trembling

• Hot flashes or sweating

• Nausea and stomach upset

#2. Behavioral symptoms of social anxiety condition

• Hiding in the background or staying quiet to avoid being noticed and the subsequent embarrassment

• Drinking stimulants before social situations to soothe the nerves

• Avoiding social situations to a point where it limits individual’s normal activities

#3. Emotional symptoms of social anxiety conditionTypical Symptoms Of Social Anxiety (1)

• Intense worry for a couple of days, weeks, or even months for a social situation planned to take place soon

• Extreme fears that other people will notice that you are nervous during a social event

• Fears that you will act in a manner that will humiliate or embarrass your audience during presentation

• Extreme fear of being judged or watch by others, especially a group of people you do not know

• Excessive self-consciousness as well as anxiety in everyday social events or situations


The lists of symptoms of social anxiety condition are just endless, but those mentioned above are just but a few. Inherently, the above condition is common to both children and adults and said earlier; it is highly advisable that seek medication to relieve the symptoms of social phobia.